domingo, 12 de julho de 2009

8 - Death, destruction, end, transformation and renaissance

" Skulls is the symbol of the death in such a way in the modern times as in the ages daily pay-clolombianas, in diverse parts of Mexico, Central America and South America had been found 13 caveiras of crystal (British Museum in London). of Aztec origin the Tenochtitlan was devoted of Skulls."
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Crystal Skulls

The life is corporate of distinct moments, phases that are differentiated in such way that each one possesss its peculiar characteristics, can say that it has in the life diverse cycles and that enter they have a ticket, this ticket can be called " morte" , death of what it was findou, or in one another possibility what not yet it finished but that it was stopped or hindered to continue, therefore is certain that the end can come before the hour as well as also is certain that ahead of the infinitude and vastness of the Universe, the life and God the end is an inexistent concept since old cycles can perfectly be retaken, an example of that is the proper reincarnation that is the retaken one of a process that had ceased. Comment important to be made with regard to ticket between cycles is that depending on the type of change this ticket it can be of bigger or lesser intensity, as ratio and level of change that will be proceeded in the life of the individual, in such way this occurs that an brusque and accented change can represent a death propiously said, in the accurate feelings, sensations, meanings and ratio that this word possesss: " Fim". The change is for the inevitable law, to such point that if an individual prevents the change grasps it for the heel drags and it in its direction, making with that in a way or another one the process if materialize, without the citizen has at least capacity to opt or same what we can call " it exempts arbitrio" therefore the law is incisive, impetuous and for times it compels the evolution by means of the destruction. He is as soon as in most distinct mythologies of diverse societies we find the God or Angel of the death, since the death is part of a natural process, common, normal and inevitable, to start for the physical death, in which the body passes for an inevitable and irreversible process of aging until consummating itself, is a law. We live in a world of diverse cármicos-sentimental conflicts and in this we must work very around making well to the other, however many espíritos of an incomparable rigidity esxistem and of a heart hardening it are of common… these are practically blind for the hatred and amarguras that conserve in its hearts as object of pride, idolatria and superiority, what it poisons the blood until the last molecule producing ulcers, gastrites and a infindável series of psychosomatic illnesses… It is as soon as for times the learning of the love is for pain, therefore in this way the conflicts and the reciprocal magnetic destructions (an individual intervenes directly on the aura of outrem being able to also cause serious physical bodily injuries) cause unhealthy Inter-relations in which one starts to attack the other and the other to counterattack generating a infindável cycle that if it transforms into a true snow ball that God only knows when cycle will finish it inside them reincarnations. To work to decide these questions is true missãoo which we came appointed all the human beings to decide and pledging in them for the aid of the next one, yes, but it is certain that msmo that let us have the biggest good will of the world and let us be in an intention truily illuminated we have of protecting in them of the attacks, that without shade of doubts are sufficiently frequent of the possible places and more unexpected people. It is intelligent and of sufficiently common-sense if to protect, if to prepare and if to fortify later to enter in the physical world of the attitudes and performances, in this way to pray to act, to pray if do not restrict to a mere mental process as well as arrive to be magnetic, electromagnetic and energy, being necessary deep works of necessary breath and uses of elements as rocks, incenses, fire enter a series of elements, strategies and techniques spirituals. In way the war it plain spiritual, that also occurs in the physical plan is we, always well intentioned but also you alert and protected for energetic and so unexpected attitudes how much they are those that intervene in negative way with our processes of peace, tranquilidade and benevolence. The death can occur as well as as not only resulted of internal processes as a resultant of deriving external environment processes, as people, espíritos or same energies of bigger spread that practically define what it will have by all means occurring in them, if possible even with marked date, hour and place. In this way we cannot run away from it, it is there waiting you! It is the destruction that certainly will involve suffering, resignation, conentração, introspection, warlike spirit. E perhaps until desperation, pain, insatisfação with the life and even though the suicide will… It is certain that the death that I am speaking here is not the physical death, neither the death spiritual since these two types of death do not exist but yes the death that makes to renascer a new cycle of life, the death that makes to resurge new concepts and a valuation, agreement and respect without equal for the life, the people and the processes for which the citizen perpassa in its tragetória. It is therefore real fact that exists the possibility of if deviating from the tragetória that could receive the denomination from " more adequada" since it exists an ample variety of ways, footpaths and percaussos for which we can enveredar, and still has the possibility to die in the way it camnho, either for an internal process or external interference (since we live a true cármica war). It fell, raises! They have that to continue, they have that to have some another process… To continue for where? The bomb already blew up, does not have more return, but they have gone! After the destruction comes the renewal… Algmas forests in Canada possesss an interesting cycle of renewal in which so that the seeds of the trees can have the capacity to germinate is necessary that they are submitted to the one definitive temperature that is only proportionate for forest fires that occur in natural way, that is: the proper nature possesss a cycle of destruction and renewal. The firemen who had erased the focos of I set on fire of some forests of that region had perceived that the forest did not grow more. The only most correct and unquestionable certainty and that we have in the life is that we go to die, does not only know when nor where, but certainly we go, and this without shade of doubts will be amongst the many deaths that we have in the life the more revealing greater and, for this searchs the spiritual in the life, it is a form of preparation for the questions arraigadas in our conscientious deepest one, the questions of the espórito, masi awaken, more conscientious, more percipient scholars and of the mission, the way and the continuity of the processes, exactly after the deaths, therefore to die is to renascer and is impossible to move or to renascer without dying, for this the destruction is one " mal" necessary. We have to take very well-taken care of with the precipitated classification of what it is badly or well since what we supunhamos that he was one badly it can be part of an ample process of deep transformation on the part of a person, as soon as justice in the negative and justice in the positive exists in the Umbanda.